About Us

About Us

Best Digital Money. Online is established with a passion for the betterment and financial freedom of the human race. Having Observed for many decades the needs for transformation in people’s life. The struggle and circling around of individuals, old, young, adults, male, female to gain financial freedom by all means. It seems impossible for the majority to attain this financial freedom. However, it’s not that it’s far-fetched or totally Impossible, it’s just that it requires the availability of certain information, principles, procedure, discipline, and consistency in order to achieve financial success. The most important tool towards achieving financial freedom is the availability of Information, and the systematic approach of this information consistently. 

The founder of Best Digital Money Online considers sharing  this life transformative information through blogs, publication of Books, teaching by making videos and several other means to impact people’s life.

About Me

Paul Akintunde is  an expert at creating results through content, social media, SEO, and website development. He has over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry and is focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by leveraging His skills in digital marketing, website development, user experience design, photography, and personal Development coaching.

He is the Founder of The Best Digital Money.Online, He is Creative, and Consistent Marketer for Small Businesses and Artists. He is Highly experienced in digital marketing, writing, and website creation. He helps companies and individuals find their voice in a noisy world. He is a writer, marketer, and businessman who loves to help others learn how to make the best of themselves.


Years of Experience


Awards & Honors

I have been more than 10 years in digital marketing industries, and have helped more than 240 companies to grow their business.


My Experience

I have learnt to always give the Best to customers. This will definitely have effect on the overall performance of the Company.

As For Us, we resolved to make our Client’s challenges ours, and determined to give what it takes within the ambits of the profession to achieve greater result for the upliftment of our clients.


Digital Marketing Consultant

I have  implemented marketing activities with the goal of acquiring and retaining customers. This includes advertising, public relations, social media, SEO and content marketing. I pride myself on effective marketing tools to develop strategies that help drive traffic to a website, as well as track and measure results of those strategies in order to continually improve performance.


Senior Digital Marketing

I developed, executed, and did evaluation of digital marketing strategies. This includes social media marketing, paid search and display advertising, email marketing, click-to-call advertising, mobile marketing, and web-based personalization campaigns. Performing  competitive analysis and research to identify new digital marketing opportunities.


Social Media Manager

I developed a successful marketing strategy to drive awareness and traffic to the company’s products. Developed marketing campaigns based on company goals and objectives.


Freelance Marketing

I built and maintain relationships with targeted customers by promoting, selling, and servicing the company’s products or services. I  typically work with a variety of customers who are within the same industry.

What People Say

Client’s from all works of life have these to say!

Having a clear understanding of customers needs and giving the best to what needs are. I really appreciate your work.


I never believed my Business will grow at this rate. I am dazed, thank you guys for well done job.

mary allen

You transformed my Company outlook completely with your Branding style. Our Customers are in awe, our revenue increased greatly. You are the best.


Having to work with your Company was one of the best decision made by our Chairman, he is happy now because you guys nailed it.

love udezo

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